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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The only size limitation of the gingerbread house is being able to get it through the door of NHHBA.

  2. The gingerbread house doesn't even need to be made of gingerbread!  You can make it from tile, brick, concrete, insulation; whatever medium you want to use, have at it.  We are giving you huge artistic license!

  3. I purchased a pre-assembled house and decorating it from there (held together with gorilla glue!).  No need to bake and fully assemble.  You can bake your own, of course, but make your day easy.  Go online, lots of options.

  4. You can enter more than one house…and it doesn’t even have to be a house.  If you build barns, create a barn.  If you are a bank, make a bank (maybe even pennies for roof shingles)

  5. HAVE FUN.  We are doing this event to bring smiles to people’s faces.  The houses may not be perfect, some will be glamorous, some will be “interesting”…but it will be fun and make people smile

  6. There is NO CHARGE for entering a gingerbread house.  Your donation of the gingerbread house is plenty.  Come by and enjoy the fun.

  7. We need all the structures here in Concord no later than December 1st, please


Any questions at all, please reach out to Matt Mayberry at 603.969.7077  Thank you !!

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